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1. General Description
The LT8612 is an HDMI to HDMI and VGA/YPbPr converter, converts High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) data stream to standard High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) signal and analog RGB/YUV signals. It also outputs 4 channel I2S and SPDIF (2CH LPCM) signals which enables high quality 7.1 channel audio.
Standard HDMI uses 19 lines to implement data transmission. The LT8612 uses the latest ClearEdge Technology to implement the conversion of HDMI source devices, such as mobile phone, adapter, etc, to HDMI devices. Also it can output analog RGB signal with or without separate sync signals, or YPbPr.

2. Features
• Supports both HDMI output, VGA output or YPbPr output simultaneously,enables multi-standard outputs.
• Support HDMI input.
• HDMI receiver with Equalizer, supports 225M of HDMI clock.
• HDMI receiver core which is compliant with HDMI1.4 specification.
• HDMI transmitter core which is compliant with HDMI1.4 specification.
• Triple  8-bit DACs, support separated SYNC mode and SOG mode.
• HDCP engine which is compliant with HDCP1.4 spec.
• Audio decoder which support 4-channel IIS and SPDIF(2CH LPCM) audio outputs.
• Supports CEC while using an external MCU.
• Reflow soldering information:260℃ / (3Sec)


• Digital Signage
• PC, Laptop Mother Boards
• Car Entertainment System
• HDMI to VGA/YPbPr Dongle


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